Not only are we committed to delivery quality products and modular building solutions, we’re committed to working in a sustainable way to support our people, our community and the planet.

Timber stores embedded carbon removed from the atmosphere and can assist in improved building methods and energy efficiency.


We source all timber from local sustainable sources certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Our building methods can be up to 50% greener than traditional construction producing lower greenhouse emissions and reducing waste significantly.

Committed to our ESG principles and striving to minimise our environmental footprint in everything we do.


We focus on using sustainable materials and creating long term value for our clients. Our controlled work environment and processes allows greater quality control and support recycling and efficient use of resources  As Western Australia’s innovator of modular building materials we are always looking to work in a better way.

Our modular construction sustainability focus means fewer carbon emissions.


Carbon emissions are released during the manufacturing, transportation, and use of the large machines and equipment necessary on a traditional construction site. Using our modular construction solutions, those machines are no longer necessary or are only used in a specific location, reducing their overall carbon footprint.

Our products are of the highest quality to ensure longevity.


We place an emphasis on locally sourced materials that are recyclable, reconstituted, and sustainably sourced. Our innovative processes and systems that are used in our designs are carefully selected to completed and enhance the sustainability of the product and minimise its carbon consumption.

Community Focused

We’re proudly WA, locally owned and operated and have been involved in multiple community projects and community home transformations helping West Australians live happy, healthy lives.

Our community partnerships include a home transformation for a young family in need. Along with Channel 7 and our huge group of generous suppliers, we transformed the Buchannan family’s home to accommodate their son’s new circumstances.


From a single storey 3×1, to a spacious double storey 4×2, the new home features full wheelchair accessibility, a modern kitchen, stunning redesigned backyard and a whole second storey addition.

Reconciliation Action Plan

As a proud Western Australian company we have a rich history of helping the community and providing affordable housing solutions to local communities.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is our first step in committing values of reconciliation and doing our part to promote reconciliation across our business, our team and the communities we work in.


Our modular fabrication methods present an alternative to traditional construction and incorporate off-site manufacturing techniques. Pioneered in WA by Rubix Nicheliving, modular construction is the future of building, embraced globally by builders, architects and large construction companies for residential and commercial buildings.


Our environmentally friendly building materials combine with prefabrication techniques providing many sustainable building advantages. Timber is known to store embedded carbon removed from the atmosphere making timber globally favoured as the environmentally friendly building material of choice.

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