Roof Trusses

Fast and easy to install, our prefabricated roof trusses provide the ultimate flexibility in roof design and are a cheaper alternative to conventional roofs saving you time and money.

Rubix supplies high quality roof trusses to the building industry in Perth and across Australia, and
has been a trusted part of Western Australian building practices for over 25 years.

Our trusses are designed using sophisticated computer software to meet all technical specifications.


We have WA’s only Hundegger automated saw ensuring fast, precision machining and reduction of material wastage.

Our expert tradespeople assemble the components with accuracy using our purpose built jigs and ensure strength and rigidity with Pryda fastening systems.


Ensuring a perfect fit every single time, each truss is engineered to suit the specific job. It is designed to meet the spans, loads and conditions and exceed the required Australian Standards.

Product Benefits

Our roof trusses are designed specifically for your project and suppled as a complete package ready for assembly and can be installed in just one day, reducing the time onsite if using traditional metods like stick built roof systems.

Cost effective and fast installation ensure reduced onsite labour hours.

Easy to assemble ensuring smoother and faster build times.

Avoid the need for steel support girders allowing for large open areas.

Span considerable distances and requiring only external wall supports.

Flexible design options for all shapes and styles of roof including curves.

Engineered to meet any weather conditions including extreme weather ratings.

Designed and produced with absolute precision to the highest industry standards.

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