Floor Trusses

Floor trusses are a cost effective method providing a high quality prefabricated floor system that ensures the finished floor is much stiffer than other systems and offer long clear spans.

Our custom designed floor trusses are engineered to suit every application, produced using high quality machined timber with the highest quality control measures which ensures our floor trusses are the best product in the marketplace.

High strength, light weight floor trusses engineered to suit every application.


Up to 50% lighter than conventional solid timber joists, using Rubix floor trusses ensures handling is much faster and easier with no trimming required on-site as each floor truss is manufactured in our purpose built facility to meet the requirements of your job.

Install with ease.


Enjoy the strength of steel together with all the benefits of timber construction with our open web floor trusses, engineered and designed using our custom ‘V’ shaped steel webs with integral teeth which form long and strong parallel chord floor trusses.  Our open web designer ensures services can be easily installed so there is no drilling or notching, saving your team time on site. This ease of access for installing services including plumbing, heating ducts, electrical wiring and electronic data cabling is a major benefit to builders.

Rubix Nicheliving prefabricated timber floor trusses are custom engineered and highly versatile.


Customised for each specific job’s needs including required stiffness, depth, timber grades and span, our state of the art computer cutting system ensures optimal truss performance, reduced cost and installation efficiency while minimising waste.

Product Benefits

Our floor truss system offers many benefits for both you the builder and the building owner in providing a reliable high-performance system for both domestic and commercial construction. The results include a high quality product and vert cost effective.


With significant labour savings including onsite installation efficiencies there is also design advantages reducing the need for large costly structural support and may reduce the need for internal load bearing walls.

Design Cost Savings including cost effieient design, design improvements and great design flexibility.

No cutting, drilling or notching due to our open webs and voids designed to save time onsite.

Construction benefits with an easy to install system that is light weight and faster to install reducing construction costs and onsite labour.

Additional strength, benefit from wide span reach reducing the need for some internal beams and support walls.

Quick installation, arriving onsite manufactured to size and ready to sinatll eliminating the need to trim on site with no material or labour wastage.

Assured performance with outstanding results for over 15 years by both designers and builders.

Improved onsite safety while reducing loose materials onsite and acts as a secure foundation with precise placement reducing the potential risk of injury.

More sustainable and greener homes, designed to meet low energy construction standards and high standard of thermal comfort while consuming minimal non-renewable energy.

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