Benefits of Modular

Not only are we committed to delivery quality products and modular building solutions, we’re committed to working in a sustainable way to support our people, our community and the planet.

Using sophisticated computer software to meet all technical specifications, we have WA’s only Hundegger automated saw ensuring fast, precision machining and reduction of material wastage.


Benefits of timber and modular construction include:



High Quality







Modular construction uses prefabricated components to construct complete modules or ‘pods’ in a factory environment for fast installation onsite.

A second storey home module can be constructed offsite in just 4 weeks and installed onsite in just one day, reducing the build time from months to just weeks.

 Sustainability Benefits


Timber stores embedded carbon removed from the atmosphere and can assist in improved building methods and energy efficiency. We source all timber from local sustainable sources certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Our building methods can be up to 50% greener than traditional construction producing lower greenhouse emissions and reducing waste significantly.

Affordable and Reduced Costs


Modular building solutions cost less than new traditional construction but come with all the benefits of more modern construction methods. Plus, their reusability makes them incredibly sustainable as well as cost-effective.


The offsite manufacturing process is fast and efficient providing saves on labour and materials while also reducing additional cost through disruption or impacts onsite. Our modular buildings techniques require fewer products like concrete and steel, which are known for being carbon intensive and expensive. Traditional construction might require additional energy, materials, and equipment. Choosing modular construction for your building project is just one way you can make an impact on the environment and take steps toward a greener future while saving costs and reducing your construction build time.


Workability and Versatile


Timber prefabrication allows ease of cutting, shaping and joining resulting in faster construction and building timeframes than double brick or traditional methods. It is versatile in all parts of construction processes and can easily and effectively be combined with brick and brick veneer construction. With excellent strength, timber prefabrication is strong and has excellent strength to weight ratio. Extended through engineered manufacturing techniques and systems. It is cheaper and easier to handle than steel.

Highest Quality


Our prefabrication processes and building solutions are created and delivered in our controlled state of the art factory that has been purposed designed for the highest quality of workmanship. With advanced machinery, a safe and dedicated work environment that is clear, dry and level facilities that ensures engineering for purpose we constantly test and deliver innovation.


Working closely with industry bracket and connector system supplier Pryda Australia, we provide high strength to wight ratio, ability to spanning larger room dimensions, ease of construction and workability and ultimately faster more efficient builds and building products for our clients.

Case Study – North Coogee

Traditional building of double brick 3 storey homes VS Rubix Nicheliving’s 3 storey modular building method.

Land titles and construction commenced for eight homes at the same time. Rubix Nicheliving designed and built 4, 3 storey modular homes (on the far right). Due to our innovate building methods and streamlined construction process Rubix Nicheliving was able to finish the four, three level modular homes including having the new homes owners moved in and enjoying their modular home.


Traditional brick building methods were used to build the other four 3 storey homes (on the far left). The two most advanced homes have not yet commenced brickwork on the third level, and the two remaining homes have not yet started construction.


The case study illustrates multiple benefits of using timber-framed modular homes for builders and homeowners.

Our professional knowledge, extensive experience combined with our great quality products, we can guarantee you will end up with great value and that’s what we are all about at Rubix Nicheliving.

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